Raphaela Vogel.

Artist: Raphaela Vogel

Venue: Motorenhalle, Dresden

Organized by: riesa efau, Dresden

Exhibition Title: In festen Händen

Date: September 10 – October 16, 2016
The lion, symbol of Christ, animal of Marcus, is alone like all rulers. Here, he is not only duplicated; he is in effect cloned. With their bases pressed against each other, the lions are condemned to imitate the grid of the factory floor of the exhibition space Motorenhalle. They are weighed down by iron balls like those used to confine prisoners. These are tied to nose rings, which are commonly associated with animals far below the lion’s status like bulls or bears. They pull the already humiliated lions even further downwards. And more: Instead of proud roars, timid and hesitant sounds accompanied by jaw’s harps come from their throats. These instruments, again, are not what one assumes; instead they represent the slit tongues of the snakes. The song title, ironically, is ‘Hurra, wir leben noch’ (Hooray, we are still alive), a Milva song interpreted by Raphaela Vogel.




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