Richard Artschwager

The exhibition evokes the famous statement Artschwager wrote in his notebook in the early 1960s: “I wanted to make a sculpture for the eye and a painting for the touch.” Artist: Richard Artschwager Venue: Peder Lund, Oslo Exhibition Title: Sculpture / Eye / Painting / Touch Date: September 17 – November 19, 2016

Raphaela Vogel.

Artist: Raphaela Vogel Venue: Motorenhalle, Dresden Organized by: riesa efau, Dresden Exhibition Title: In festen Händen Date: September 10 – October 16, 2016 The lion, symbol of Christ, animal of Marcus, is alone like all rulers. Here, he is not only duplicated; he is in effect cloned. With their bases pressed against each other, the … More Raphaela Vogel.